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Entry #2

Working on two new cartoons!

2013-08-18 01:11:29 by Soo-J

So for the last week, I've been working on a cartoon that I'm ACTUALLY putting some serious effort and hard work into. Basically, I want it to be as perfect as reasonably possible. It's gonna be about 4 minutes long, and I'm hoping I can finish it by November.

Earlier today, I also came up with a good idea and script for a short 1-minute cartoon. It's not going to be a particularly ambitious project, but I just finished the voice recording session, and I can guarantee you, it'll be really funny :D I expect I'll finish that one in about a week, so be on the lookout for that.

Other than that, my life has been going unexpectedly well for the last couple of days. I finally got a job, so starting next Monday, I'll be making some cash money. I'm also taking the first steps to getting into art school. All in all, the last few days have been the first enjoyable days for me this entire year.


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